Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Sun is Shining!

The sun isn't really shining, but inside of me it SO is! Things have gotten so much better since my last post. I have been feeling good physically and understanding my limits more. However I do notice that if I eat something that my body says "no" to... watch out.

I attended a Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner last night and I took about 4 bites of salmon with a few bites of asparagus. NOT GOOD! I ended up going to the restroom, barfing. Then I excused myself due to a stomach ache, and when I got to my car I barfed. I figured it was safe to drive home since I felt a little better. Made a phone call and chatted all the way home... almost. Once I exited the freeway I had an immediate urge to vomit. And thank GOD I happened to have a plastic shopping bag in my front seat. I just got violently ill about 4-5 times. Apparently salmon and asparagus are not a good choice for me at the moment!

On the weight front, I am officially 1 size smaller in clothing! And down a total of 26lbs. 26lbs in one month! I feel like I am dreaming this. I lost around 30 lbs 5 or so years ago and it took me about 4-6 months. That was with constant exercise and watching what I eat. I've said it before and I will say it again, it is amazing what a little protein infused starvation will do for you!

The other interesting thing is where I am losing the most weight. My waist has shrunk some, but my "pooch" remains. My thighs are really noticeably shrinking which is weird because I would definitely consider them my biggest problem area. And my arms still have a long way to shrink! I am getting concerned with how the extra skin on my stomach will look because as of right now it is really ugly.

Another development is somehow Roger has conned me into attempting the LA Marathon with him. I am WALKING it.... or at least attempting to. I think that he doesn't grasp how hard it will be for me, but hey, if I can at least try, why not? We leave on Friday night and will be staying in Pasadena. At least it is a good chance to get away, and hopefully to some warm weather! Perhaps where the sun is literally shining ; )

Workwise, I am doing well with numbers but my boss is in a tizzy over everything it seems. We have all come to wonder what it is she does all day in her office because she has lately been giving us all tasks that she used to do. Like thinking of themes for sales blitzes and getting decor. Seriously?! As if I am not busy enough that's another baloney thing I have to do. Thankfully my date isn't until March. Grrrr.

Looking very forward to the beginning of February, my birthday on the 10th and then V-Day! I have 3 valentines who all need some lovin! And hopeful to see another 15-20lbs gone forever!!

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  1. I have decided that my stomach will neverrr look "normal" again. I stretched so much with my pregnancies that I have a lot of extra skin and I still have a wrinkly tummy over 3 years after having the youngest (and lets not even talk about the roap map, haha). I love that it gave me my babies but I do get upset that the skin makes my belly look bigger than it is...but aside from surgery what can I do about loose skin. :o/

    I'm glad you're feeling better (for the most part!)! :o)