Saturday, January 8, 2011

Weekend fun...ish

I am never sure what to do on a weekend when we don't have set plans. The days seem to fly by a lot faster without them, and I am not sure how I feel about that!

Yesterday I thought that one of my incisions was infected so I left work a little early and headed to SF to have my doc look at it. Low and behold, no infection thank goodness! But my belly and all other parts of my body are SO itchy. I mentioned it to my doctor and he said that because I am not taking in any fats or oils right now, I probably am having dry skin issues. So he recommended that I take an Omega 3 pill each day. I went and got them at Trader Joes today and have been slathering myself with calamine lotion. It is THAT itchy! So far I have lost 17 lbs from when I weighed in at his office on 12/16. He said that that is fantastic and that if I stick to the program I will most likely lose 100 lbs in around 9 months. Whew! That is super exciting!

I also ingested 1g of fat yesterday with pleasure.... a laughing cow cheese piece. I am supposed to be on all liquids but in a few days I transition to mushy smushies like yogurt, and I figured that laughing cow is so soft it would melt in my mouth. I kid you not, I eat about half of that little wedge and I felt STUFFED. I don't know if it was because it didn't agree with my stomach, or if I really was full but despite the fact that I wanted so badly to finish it, I ended up throwing half away. I can already see that I am going to have issues with not finishing what is on my plate, which means that I need to take the doctor's advice and only portion out what my stomach can hold..... 2oz.

With the next transition, I am supposed to have set mealtimes and it will take me about 3o minutes to complete a "meal". A meal consists of about 1/4 cup of whatever it is I am eating. I bought some greek yogurt today, and need to get some sugar free torani syrup tomorrow to flavor it because Lord knows I do NOT eat plain yogurt... ew! Also, since I do not eat cottage cheese, the doc recommended tofu. So I am going to need to research some yummy tofu recipes. Cottage cheese just freaks me out.... I have never had it in my life and I will not ever have it. Gives me the heebie-jeebies!

On the homefront, we finally have gotten to see my parents & brothers yesterday and today and it was great because I miss seeing them all the time and I know Aidan and Benji just love them. Yesterday Aidan and I were over and she did NOT want to leave! She insisted on a sleepover and her Grandpa granted her wish so she had a fantastic sleepover. I am always impressed with how my mom pulls out all of my old art supplies like stamps, stickers, markers, etc and Aidan just LOVES them! See, it pays to store stuff for 10+ years!!! lol. I swear they have saved every toy from my little brothers (now aged 12 and 13) and I would balk at that but all's well that ends well because we DO use them!!!!! We went over again today to pick her up and both kids had so much fun with their uncles. And we will see them all again tomorrow because we are going to my Grandma's to pack away all of the Christmas decor. Tina, Aidan says she is ready for another sleepover!!!! To be honest I am really grateful that my child likes sleepovers because although she doesn't have them all that often, she doesn't freak out about where we are.

Another great development was that on Friday I woke up and all of the sudden 95% of my pain was gone! I can bend, touch my toes, pick up things off the floor. It is so much better than the past week! I am hoping these incisions heal up quickly so that I can wear normal pants without leaving the buttons undone.

Tomorrow is Jesus day as I like to call it and all we have planned is heading to the city yet again. Hoping my children act properly at my Grandma's and that we have a mellow, happy day :)

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