Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The bright side

Trying to stay positive these days because since my last stall I have lost 8 or so lbs, which is not shabby at all. I didn't lose anything today but that might be because yesterday was a carb-fest. Not good! Today I was much better and stuck to the majority of what went into my mouth being healthy proteins.

I did attend a ribbon cutting this evening because I am a Chamber of Commerce Ambassador, and they had SOOOO much delicious food. I could have eaten up a storm, pre-sleeve. They had enormous fresh shrimp cocktails, tri-tip on a crostini, smoked salmon on a crostini, mini-quiches, crudite, a HUGE fruit platter, chicken and beef kebobs, the list went on and on and on! AND there was free alcohol which I did not get to enjoy. Interestingly enough, I definitely miss the food way more than the alcohol.

I also had a coworker come to my desk with a picture taken of me at the holiday party this past December and she said that I don't even look the same anymore. I think that is a stretch, but it was nice to hear! I am wondering how much more weight I need to lose to go down another size in clothes. 1 size is great, 2 would be better!! I did do a little mall-walking today to burn some calories, and I returned a few items from Macy's that I am afraid I won't get use out of because I am losing weight fairly quickly. Well who am I kidding... 27 lbs in slightly over a month is crazy fast!

On the work front, it is really weird because I like my job, I just have a weird feeling (not good) about it. My boss is kinda crazy but I don't think she likes me that much. Before I was her golden can do no wrong child. Now I feel like I am the black sheep. Weird how the tides change. Oh well, there are seemingly endless options these days which I appreciate!

Hoping to lose more this week, if not weight then inches. Wish me luck!

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  1. I think you need to take pics and show us from your before and now :)