Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Back to Work

Today was my first day back at work since before Christmas. Needless to say I was 30 minutes late. Good thing my boss is out all week ; ) Another reason I was glad she wasn't there is because my outfit was very on the casual side. It's hard to dress nicely because my incision is right at my belly button which is exactly where my dress pants hit. So, I spent half the day with my pants unbuttoned. Oh well! I walked into absolute chaos! My desk was literally covered in papers and there was even one on my chair!!! I spent about an hour or so organizing my desk, and moving all of the wedding stuff to the vacant desk next door which felt fantastic! My desk looked to slobby because I had nowhere to put everything.

Also, we have a new girl at work. I wanted to not like her because sometimes I am just a mean little girl, but she is actually really sweet. She also filed all of my signed contracts for me (think 8 inches high stack) so I really cannot complain. The senior sales manager was out today due to a family emergency and that was a nice break. He can be a little dramatic at times and I didn't want to hear a comment about my attire. Also, the front office manager who was trying to entertain the new girl organized a nice company sponsored (free) lunch in our restaurant which was very nice! Previously I would have gotten down and dirty with just about anything on the menu but I had a delicious meal of hot water and ice water. Iced water to drink, hot water to stir my protein broth in. MMMMM. Not!

Everyone at work with the exception of 2 people think that I am on a doctor prescribed diet. They don't know that I have had weight loss surgery. One coworker was like "You're gonna lose weight!". Little does she know! My HR lady knows and she was so sweet today and came to say hi and we chatted and gossiped (is my day complete without a little gossip?) for a good 30 minutes. I have to say I am lucky to work with such nice people!

I also had over 100 emails waiting for me, a bunch of which were from the NACE board. Apparently I have a meeting tomorrow evening to discuss this year's programs. Slightly worried because I know food will be involved and I don't really wanna say "Yeah I can't eat for 3 months". I am thinking I will just say I had abdominal surgery and my doctor has me on a liquid diet for 2 weeks. Easier that way. But all of these food situations sure make me sad that I cannot enjoy food. My favorite hobby pre-surgery was dining. How else would I get to be 245 lbs?!

I am looking forward to tomorrow though because it is a short-ish day. I am leaving at 4! Woohoo!

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