Sunday, February 13, 2011

Non-Scale Victory!

So there is an acronym in the weight loss surgery (WLS) world called NSV. What this means is "non-scale victory" or basically success that doesn't involve weight at all. I have had a few the past week or so and I have been so focused on the scale moving that it took me a little longer to realize them!

The first is that I now have the ability to throw unhealthy food away after just a bite. It's happened a few times now and I am really hoping and praying that this habit sticks with me for life. For example: On my birthday my company sang me happy birthday with a scrumptious red-velvet cake w/ cream cheese frosting. One of my very favorites!!!! It took 2-3 small bites, and because of my stomach size, I was extremely full. I contemplated taking it back to my desk to nibble on after my stomach had emptied, and then I thought to myself "why would I eat that much crap?? I shouldn't even be eating the 2 bites!". So... I THREW IT AWAY!!!!! The same thing when Roger had taco bell the other day. I had 2-3 bites of a burrito and just threw it away. The whole point of my surgery is to not eat a) bad stuff but b) not eat as much. So although I am throwing away foods that I like, I am starting to understand that there will be other times for me to enjoy them... I don't have to binge and stuff myself.

The second NSV was yesterday morning. I have 2 bins in my closet of old clothes that didn't fit anymore. They were a size or 2 smaller than my pre-surgery size, and I knew I had gone down 1 size but didn't think I would fit in the majority of my work clothes yet. On a whim, I tried on a skirt on the top of the pile. Not only did it fit... it was slightly loose!!! This prompted me to try on pretty much everything in the bin and about 90% of it FIT! I just kept repeating "omg this fits!" about 10000 times to Roger! I even fit into my pre-Benji jeans!

Now interestingly enough, where I am losing weight is still weird. I am 1/2 Puerto Rican, which generally means wide hips and thick thighs. I definitely inherited that. But pre-kids, my stomach was very nice and it was where I lost weight first. Now, it seems like my thighs are shrinking faster than my stomach! I am not complaining!!!! But, what I am complaining about is my butt. It is still wide, but it's starting to look flat! Ugh! On the plus side, a lot of people complain that when they lose weight their boobs become flapjacks and are where they lose first. For me, the girls are still full and as perky as possible after 2 kids! I am also not losing much hair, which makes me really happy. I am attributing this to the fact that although I try to stick to my diet, I do incorporate some healthy fats to keep things healthy with oils. Right after surgery I wasn't ingesting any fats at all and my hair and skin were HORRIBLE.

So, on the homefront, I have been in a great mood because of all of these fab NSVs and the beautiful weather, and a great birthday, and and and. Let's say the past few days have been good! Oh, and of course, the scale is still moving much to my shock, so I am now at 211. Woohoo!!!!! So so so excited. I really do think I will cry the day I am back down in the 100s. It has been 3 or so years since I was. Only 12 lbs to go!!!!

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