Friday, May 6, 2011

Moments of Weakness

I am writing this blog at midnight because I am feeling guilty. MAJORLY guilty.

When I had my surgery I swore I wouldn't be the person who ate poorly afterwards. Afterall, what idiot would have weight loss surgery and go back to bad habits?! Well apparently the answer is me :(

I have been drinking soda, which is a no-no. Soda is terrible for you, surgery or no surgery. But when I first had surgery it was on the do not consume list. Well as I got braver some of the do not consumes have become consumes and at this point it is just getting out of control!

I see some of my old habits creeping back in, and although I haven't really GAINED weight, I can see that happening in the future if I don't get my booty back in gear. I have been eating carbs galore and the one thing I realized tonight is: don't buy them so you can't eat them. Case in point: Mile high red velvet cake from Claim Jumper. It is sitting in our fridge in a box, looking at me.... winking at me every time I open the door. Granted, thanks to my sleeve I cannot eat the entire thing and thankfully cannot even eat the equivalent of ONE piece in a sitting, but still calories are calories, carbs are carbs, and sweets are sweets. I should not be eating cake! AHHHHH.

Another really challenging example is snacks for the kids. I refuse to deny my kids goldfish crackers or similar items simply because I should not be eating them. Again, now that I am all healed up, it's a lot easier to consume them....and like the cake, I shouldn't be eating crackers of any kind really.

Something that I have noticed is that I have also been lazy this week other than the one day I worked out. I am kind of glad I feel a sense of guilt on this one, because I know I should be working out and WANT To work out. The only problem is logistics and me not wanting to go in the evenings. Maybe I can get there tomorrow night after a day o family fun. We'll see.

Anyway, I felt like I needed to fess up and share my downfalls lately. Hoping it will get me accountable and back on the wagon! Afterall I have a follow up doc appt on the 16th and want to impress Dr. Cirangle! (as in circle and triangle had a baby named a cir-angle :P)

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