Monday, May 16, 2011

A Bruised Behind

Went to the doctor today... my first real "check up" with my surgeon since my surgery date. I knew where I was weight wise... I know where I want to be... I figured I was doing okay. I mean, no one is perfect right? Well let's just say I have been far from perfect on the "plan" but have still managed to lose 60 lbs.

So, Dr. Cirangle said hello and asked how I was. He also asked me what a typical portion size is that I eat now. So I explained a meal that I had this weekend and he looked at me and said "And what do you think I would say about that meal?" and I responded :"That it doesn't have enough protein?".... "THAT IS A HORRIBLE MEAL!!!!". Wowza! Didn't expect that one! But if I really was to analyze my current eating habits, they are back to old, and just minimal amount wise because I simply cannot eat as much. Yuck.

What he also pointed out to me is that at this point, my goal of getting to 145lbs will most likely not happen. Apparently 6 months out from surgery you are at 75% of your target weightloss.... so I am short by about 15lbs. I guess your body gets used to having a small stomach and isn't in "shock" anymore so the weightloss slows. He told me that by Christmas, I will be just like the rest of the population, trying hard not to gorge on the sweets and delicious foods, and that the point of the surgery is not to just eat less of the bad stuff, but to ENTIRELY CHANGE YOUR EATING HABITS!!!! While I knew this, have known this, know this.... I wasn't following directions :(

And then he said the magic words: I don't want you to look back in a year or two and regret not taking advantage of this amazing opportunity. Well said Dr. Cirangle... because I certainly don't want to regret it either! Heck, I am already kicking myself for being so lazy these past 2 months because I should have been using that time to optimize weightloss rather than relish in the fact that I can finally eat again. Dang it!!! Human nature just kills me sometimes!

So, we have a plan! A lose 20lbs before the wedding plan! He suggested that we meet in one month and my short term goal was 10lbs. I know I can do it once I focus and I actually think it is great to have a mini-goal. Keeps me more on track. And then we meet again mid-july and 10 more lbs should be gone. That'll mean I will be 165 for my wedding! Just 20lbs shy of my 100lb weightloss goal! YAY!!! The honeymoon in Hawaii might kill that (can you say "blue hawaiian"?) but I just can't imagine how exciting it will be to be that weight. Currently at 185 I am at my "standard" weight.... I am in my old clothes from pre-Aidan... so I think I am just maybe a little TOO comfy. Gotta get my butt in gear!

And so, with my new mini-goal I am promising myself to get to the gym 3x a week and the doc also insisted that I do resistance training and not just cardio, more for bone density purposes than anything else. Times like this, I wish I had money for a personal trainer because I feel so silly on those machines. Oh well, Zumba here I come tonight!

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  1. Well, we could go halfsies with my trainer....he does "duo" sessions which is way cheaper....when I can afford him again. I managed to stretch my 5 coupons I purchased with my maternity leave disability $$$ way farther than I imagined....also I know alot about resistance training and would love a work out buddy. I totally understand--scheduling is hard and maintaining motivation is a skill all on its own.