Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My final day as a big girl

Well, the day of surgery has arrived and I am having kind of a weird indifferent feeling. Not indifferent about getting the surgery, because I am 100% sure I want it, but indifferent like life around me goes on as this momentous occasion happens in MY life.

I have been on "clear liquids" for 2 days now, today is my 3rd. I am ready to eat my arm at this point. It is AWFUL. All I can think of is how hungry I am and how this surgery if anything, better make me un-hungry like everyone keeps telling me it will! I am proud to say though that yesterday I was very strict with the clear liquids and after talking with my surgery coordinator who informed me that no, diet pepsi does not consitute a clear liquid, I haven't had any soda. Yesterday my diet consisted of 1/2 a can of arizona green tea and 1 can of vegetarian vegetable broth, which I must say looks pretty gross. It is like a pinkish orange broth. But I choked 3/4 it down before Benji put his foot in my bowl and that ended my meal.

One thing that has really surprised me is the amount of support that my friends have shown since posting my blog on FB. I knew people would read it, but wasn't sure if they would think I was nuts. But this morning I was flooded with positive thoughts and well wishes which I have to say I am EXTREMELY grateful for! I shouldn't be surprised, afterall, we get to choose our friends in life, but I guess I am just really lucky and picked some good ones! haha.

Roger ended up calling in today to be able to take me to the hospital. I am very grateful for this because my mom was my original transporter and although I love her dearly her track record for time keeping is beyond horrible. So this morning at 6am I rolled over and said "I want you to take me." Typing that it sounds pretty romantic, but I meant to the hospital! LOL. He understood about my mom and will now be with me throughout my hospital stay. Big relief. Aidan is with my cousin Tina who graciously accepted my offer of Aidan crashing their holiday visit to see her brother and spend the night with them. She is one of Aidan's very favorite people so it made it a LOT easier this morning to give her a kiss and have her cheerfully say goodbye to me. Benji is with his Nina, as usual, and again it is such a relief to know that he is enjoying himself. Let's just say that today has gone much more smoothly than yesterday did.

So, I am about to go take my final shower pre-surgery, I'd say eat my last meal, but I can't do that, and I need to pack my bags.

See you all on the flip side with 3 holes in my belly and a 2oz stomach!!!! WOOHOO!!!! Oh and I promise to post some "before" pictures with my next post, along with some hospital ones. I am sure the beauty will astound you : P

Love you all!

- AJ


  1. You write so well and i have added you to my feed to read. One day this will be me and you will be there to encourage me through it all :)

    Good luck!

  2. Sending lots of good thoughts your way!! :o)

    (posting this under my AIM name, not sure why it won't let me with my blogger account...)

  3. Good luck hun you are going to do great...you have always been so brave I really admire your drive and willingness to take things head on...can't wait to follow this blog to see how you are doing...I already fb stalk :-P

  4. Landa, if you are ever ready to go through your own similar journey, don't hesitate to ask anything you want to know. It has hard but I am just keeping my eye on the prize!